The Winter Retreat Amsterdam on 18, 19 & 20 December 2014

The Winter Retreat Amsterdam on 18, 19 & 20 December 2014

All around the world we are seeing evidence of shifts away from hierarchical structures, beyond old broadcast models where communication is conducted by one to the many. This groundshift is towards radical participation in which seemingly contradictory roles of the individual are coming to the fore – roles in which the individual becomes both essential and immaterial. Concurrently, we are also witnessing demonstrations of might makes right writ large – enforced as they have been by threats and violence and by one singular individual being idealised.

Pain is something that’s common to human life. When we ignore it, we aren’t engaging in the whole reality, and the pain begins to fester. Certain practices, meditation or kindness and compassion…take you out of yourself towards another person. -Karen Armstrong

In Claritas has established a practice for convening which goes beyond the obvious ego – non-ego polarisation’s and actually generates results that are of an unforeseen and innovative nature.

This coming December, in Amsterdam, we will be exploring how these new models of convening and organising can be utilised for the Charter for Compassion movement to achieve coherence and effectiveness on a global scale.

This retreat is devoted to impacting one of society’s greatest institutions – healthcare. Charter for Compassion International will be contributing the case, whilst In Claritas will bring in the magic of unexpected creativity.


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