By Karin Jironet

On 11-12 January 2012 a group of artists, academics and business leaders join in an experimental session to explore what, from their different perspectives, may be informing the image of future governance.

Have you been considering what change means for yourself? As we all know, tremendous change is going on  around us – Arab Spring, Russian Revolution, European Disunion…For now, we see it on the political/socio-economic levels with apparent fundamental shifts that inevitably will lead to an entirely new notion of “leadership”.  But, how much more is there within our collective hearts and minds that is not yet in upheaval?  From without and within, all of our reality is in transition, and we have to endeavor to discover what it is, that will replace the concept of  leadership as we have known it.

Do you sense that you will be of value in the procession of time ahead of us?  What will your part be? From my point of view I’ve not a single doubt that your scintilla will unfold in a succession of processes — the stars of imagination, thought and form are possible. I am calling upon you for the very capacity that I have already witnessed in your  potential. I fully believe you can transgress habits of mind and freely support each other by showing some fresh, exciting, and non-conventional approaches. I am genuinely curious about what you will bring and what we will find.

All told, we together hold so much of the world’s potential. YOU are the one we want to be working together with. Take your time. Sleep on it. Share in the vulnerability and strength of not-knowing. Be true and help set the tone for the decades to come. As you join in this shared moment, we are, together, identifying the new.


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Category Awareness, Governance

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