by Skye Burn

Good morning from Bellingham, where we woke up this morning to the magical beauty of a fresh snowfall!

I feel wonderfully refreshed by our time together and deeply grateful to be part of this journey we are embarking on together. Thank you Karin and Harry for your insightful and skilled leadership, courage, and vision and for your outstanding gracious hospitality.

Tim, thank you for the fitting and relevant YouTubes on flocks of birds and Vivaldi. And Sybille, thank you for the touching and timely New Year greeting poem.

Here are some websites that give a picture of my home island.

Wikipedia link:,_Washington

A collection of photographs, from Waldron and elsewhere. The family photo “Waldroncamp 1954” (second row, black and white). My family home (log cabin) is in the background. I am the girl to the left of the woman (my mother) with her head bent down talking to me:

A spoof intended to make Waldron less attractive to tourists:

Story of my grandparents, which gives a sense of their spirit and values, though with a couple few factual errors:

From the archives of Western Washington University:

With warmest regards,



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