Spring Retreat

During the Spring Retreat we joined forces to establish what is next in terms of the image of future governance. However, what does it ask of us and how can we enact it?

Based on earlier established components of that image we worked to further create this image in practice.

Among the notions that emerged are:

–              be aware of the reality of the moment and continuously adjust expectations

–              agility in rhythm as it enables us to move as one

–              flexibility in expectations, aiming at a “bigger picture”

–              synchronization and timing of individual action in connection with the

overall purpose

–              clarity and firmness about purpose of action

–              development of personal ability for being open to receive


All of this was, of course, individually and uniquely experienced and has its particular meaning especially for you. But, as we discussed, there are many disparate initiatives that seem to come forth from the same source of ideas and, therefore, it is most important that we keep talking and sharing what we experience in our daily practice. This is the only way to build a common practice and to define its components. This is how we can start impacting the world around us with what we find out, learn and are able to bring into practice with awareness.





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