Some Thoughts on Inclaritas

Some Thoughts on Inclaritas

Dear All,

In Claritas is seeking to find out what he future of governance might be like. As such, we are inherently drawn to the same principles – transformation, awareness and hope in an ongoing, ever-renewing process.

We are seeking to understand how new governance will work. Processes that seem to be essential include attunement (being in tune with each other), rhythm, taking turns in setting a higher tone, regulation of the ego, going with what works, excitement.

In our conversations we tend to return to the question of leadership.
What does leaderless mean in practice? Certainly not that there is no guidance! We tend to agree that there is something beyond the individual ego and the collective body of knowledge as well as beyond shared leadership, which informs and gives guidance. Being trained in the Sufi tradition, I tend to call it the Spirit of Guidance, but It has so many names, as we all know.

I believe that our work during and in-between retreats is an example of the loosely held and purposefully guided governance that we are looking for.

I am very much looking forward to our meeting again in Denver for the Autumn Retreat 2012.

Meanwhile, we have the chance to read through the special set of articles that Jeff brought to our attention. You will find them
archived in the website’s Library section. Please see also the special note from Jeff, who it so happens is today, together with Skye, Anne et al, opening the Thriving Organizational Ecosystem Summit (TOES).
May the light shine over TOES and on all of you in who are engaged in this initiative!



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