Serena Borghero

Marketing & Communication Director, Steelcase

Most profound experience in 2011

Laying under a sky full of (falling) stars. Oh yes, I am so predictable! But if the night is so dark that you cannot see your own body, the sky is so wide and unknown, you are in the middle of nowhere in a different hemisphere and your life is at a turning point… well… It can take your breath away. I felt so human and part of the divine in the same time, here and now and still forever and ever, miserable and still powerful and meaningful… It has been a full Sturm und Drang experience!

(Ah, by the way, it was last summer, while being on holidays by the Colorado river, Utah, USA).

What I want to bring to the world in 2012

I want to make a positive contribution to the world by making use of what I can do best: mobilize the business environment I am part of and be a scintilla that can fire up other people’s scintillas, so that we can be together agents of change.

I hope together we can…

… inspire each other to let the scintilla that can make change happen spark. Dare beyond our normal thinking frame ‘If we don’t get lost, we’ll never find a new route’ once said the theater director Joan Littlewood.

My favorite article in 2011

An interview with the Economic Anthropologist David Graeber

My favorite community

The Linkedin group of TED

Glimpse of an art-form that I enjoy

The Venere degli stracci (The rags’ Venus) from Michelangelo Pistoletto (1967) : a classical, pure, immortal Venus dealing with a mountain of contemporary rubbish… Very similar to the human soul: capable of elevating himself to the most poetical infinities and still able to trap itself in mean and sterile behaviors.


My Thoughts for 2012

1. Be an agent of change in the business environment and empower other people dreams so that we can create together a more sustainable world.

2. Make my professional life so much fun that I can’t wait it is monday

3. Dare to pursuit my own aspirations, with passion and no fear

4. Focus on what I can do best (inspire and create) and excel in it

5. Finish my book!