Salisbury Retreat Learnings

by inclaritas | June 4, 2013 11:01 am

We spent our time exploring the inner and outer dimensions of the sacred in relation to our perceptions of reality, both individually and collectively. These orientations are deeply rooted in our socio-cultural and historical perspectives as well as archetypal images and patterns; essentially these together inform our worldview. We need only to look at such concepts as chaos, leadership, paradox, home, vocation, relationship to self and other to see the orientations which we maintain consciously and unconsciously. We acknowledge that those orientations that remain repressed or below our level of conscious understanding leak through in unexpected/unintended ways.

We found that creating awareness and dialogue on these learnings is just one step in the process of conscious development or “change”. We then face the challenge of integrating and applying these learnings first individually, then collectively and systematically, and ultimately in our engagement with the metaphoric field. Most importantly, these learnings expand our means and method of engagement with others; allowing us to contribute our inner work to the greater good. By taking the In Claritas principles, practices, and learnings into our daily work and larger communities we can contribute to a shift in consciousness multifold.

Within the experience of the Salisbury retreat, I found direct and personal application of these learnings. Through engagement and reflection, I have greater awareness that the alignment of my vocation and my purpose are intricately tied to my relationships. In essence, my reality is a product not only of my own perceptions, attitudes, and efforts but also of those in which I spend a significant time with. My story is both individually and co-created. As a result of these learnings, greater intentionality is required in how and with whom I spend my time and energies. While this is known, it must be practiced.


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