Retreat at Denver University

Retreat at Denver University

The Autumn Retreat will be held at Denver University on 21, 22, and 23 October 2012.

This retreat will be dedicated to exploring how the In Claritas concept of governance works in existing organizations that represent major sectors, including education, finance and publishing/publication.

Whilst applying inductive methods during the in January 2012 Winter Retreat, we identified the core of future governance in terms of governance, transformation, awareness and hope. In the Spring Retreat of May 2012 we went on to test these concepts – how is my inner beacon reflected in my participation? How do we interact when we open up to being guided as a group? Further, through concentration and musical practices we found attunement to be essential to the experience in the practice of governance, transformation, awareness and hope.

The autumn retreat will commence by reviewing and re-experiencing what we mean by governance for the future and, further, how we use ourselves to manifest and realize this vision. Following this introductory day, we will work jointly with representatives from three different organizations who are curious to find how In Claritas guidance may be of service to their companies.

With gratitude, we introduce our three case studies:


  • University of Denver University College

The University of Denver College of Professional and Continuing Studies,UniversityCollege, provides fully-accredited educational experiences specifically designed for busy adults. The school provides programs that focus on the highest quality, most career−relevant, with applied content, effective instruction/formats, and with either efficient online or evening delivery.


  • Colorado Capital Management, Inc.  

Colorado Capital Management inBoulderis a small, successful firm offering personal financial advice to individuals. The services are fee-based and, thus, not convoluted by targets for sales of products, but rather are relationship oriented.


  •  Publication Studio

Publication Studio is a laboratory for publication in its fullest sense – not just the publication of books, but the publication of a public. The public is created through physical production, digital circulation and social gatherings. Publications Studio was founded by Matthew Stadler:




Anton Camarota from Denver University College recommends the Fairfield Suites, where many of us will be staying,

You can find other options at


Retreat Address

University of Denver
University Hall, Room 333
2197 South University Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80208


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