Reflections Rome by Jonathan Reams

Reflections Rome by Jonathan Reams

We arrived in Rome amid a cool and damp January, and found our way to a restaurant where our fellow In Claritas companions for this retreat were gathered. There the food, conversation and connections began the process of opening us up to an appreciation for the quality of life, or dolce vita that we saw as the heart of life in Italy and Rome.  Flowing from this beginning, a series of exercises in enhancing our depth of perception of art, culture and life around us, increased our appreciation for how the dolce vita could contribute to how we govern ourselves, and our public lives.

A highlight of this was the creative energy we felt visiting the studio of a true master of an artistic craft, where his apprentices gave us a tour of work in progress. This filled us with a sublime beauty which was enhanced by the subtle feelings of flair in the architecture and construction of buildings all around us.

One thing that stood out among our many learnings, was that it all depends. While we can govern our lives according to fixed rules, ethics and so on, this can dull us to the nuances and realities of life. Underneath this, if we learn to sense the subtle creative processes and contexts of each moment, we see that everything depends on the attention to these depths of detail.

By Jonathan Reams

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