By Skye Burn

It seems what is happening works “out of an engine that operates along principles” familiar to artists and Jungian psychologists. We have just never seen it happen on this scale before. From a leadership and policy-making perspective, it seems the thing most needed is an understanding of the process in which we are collectively engaged.

I feel all my life has been preparing for this moment in history, since 1979 when I first became conscious of the ‘engine’ and started working to understand the dynamics of it. Like you, I sometimes have a lot of clarity and energy and sometimes not at all.

For many years, I have anticipated a time when the ‘dynamics of it’ would bring me into a circle of persons who hold the soul of humanity in their keeping and who have individually developed knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of various elements of the process in which we are collectively engaged. I feel In Claritas is such a circle. The piece I bring to the circle is one small piece of the understanding that will emerge from the group and our combined wisdom. Thank you for facilitating and shepherding this inquiry and for providing the platform or forum where the integration can occur.

The skype session was deeply affirming. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with Jeff and Anne in the Farmhouse at Whidbey Institute while seeing and conversing with four people sitting shoulder to shoulder in another space half way around the world, sharing observations, experiences, wisdom, knowledge and laughter, elicited a sense of deep connection and also a sense of being in communication with others who hold vital pieces of the emerging understanding. We have not yet arrived at the place where we have formed a complete understanding we can share with the world (and world leaders and policy-makers, in particular)but I feel the In Claritas circle is bringing forth or sourcing (as Anne says) vital understanding that is both timely and needed.

I too want to find ways of “showing how the In Claritas work translates in action” and can “influence the course of development” during this time of radical change which I too “believe we are about to experience” and are already experiencing. In the practices of art and Jungian analysis, one of the first tasks is to ‘create space for the work’ or ‘create a container for the process’. How can this be done on the collective scale? On the collective scale, I imagine the container might be some kind of contextual framing that would provide a vision of humanity’s goal (our common goal) and a context that makes it possible to understand past history, current events, why the world body is experiencing or somatically embodying the ‘symptoms’ we see in the world today, where the pressure is coming from, and where the world is headed. The In Claritas circle could probably source or come up with additional strategies and tangible ways to translate the In Claritas work into action. Also it seems likely you and I and others could source additional strategies based on the practices of art and Jungian psychology, modified to fits the needs of the collective.

The Flow Project has worked out a rigorous methodology for our artist inquiry, which could be of service in surfacing or sourcing strategies. The Flow method typically involves a group (7 to 12 artists) having deep facilitated conversation around a central question. The conversation is recorded. The recording is transcribed and the Flow Process Team analyzes the transcript using N*Vivo software and text analysis of subtle themes. The Process Team then issues a report that summaries emerging themes, ideas, concepts, principles, etc., which we send back to the artist group with a recommended question for their next session. This process establishes a robust feedback system that keeps the inquiry on track and allows people to come and go without disrupting the flow. (We could discuss what it might involve to use this or a similar a method in the In Claritas work.)

A related need on the collective level is a context of understanding and a practice of listening that makes it possible for leaders and policy-makers to interpret feedback from the world body accurately. Currently, leaders are misreading or incompletely understanding situations which involve complex psychological, spiritual, and artistic processes in the collective psyche. Leaders and policy-makers are misdiagnosing situations and they are prescribing economic, political and military interventions in situations that call for a more subtle approach.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. I am currently writing an article along these lines…so my thoughts have been going in this direction…



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