Reflections on Seattle Fall Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

Reflections on Seattle Fall Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

My reflection about how InClaritas expands our freedom and our collective capacity for conscious, aware governance.
Our Fall retreat took place in Seattle, where the governing powers committed to being a global city more than fifty years ago. It has attracted a community of increasing and daunting complexity. It’s a great place to learn about governance that embraces Freedom, Diversity and Place. And that’s what we did, in the city in one of the immigrant core neighborhoods as well as in the Seattle Center; and in the dramatic natural world that attracted humans in the first place. Our question was “What can we learn about freedom in this place?”

Here’s one participant’s experience:
“Thanks to all of you…I’ve opened in some essential ways that feel very powerful.”

Opening in essential powerful ways?
That’s my experience of every inClaritas gathering I attend. So I ask myself: How come?

Here’s a metaphor from the natural world we experienced. A Slime Mold is a fungus that lives in forests similar to a place we walked in during our retreat. It’s a collection of single celled organisms, having no apparent physical source of collective intelligence, yet they seem to behave intelligently together. They are diverse individuals, AND when conditions are optimal and/or imperative, they flow together to create a fruiting body that furthers collective health and well-being.

To me, the gatherings of InClaritas are similar. We come as individuals. We practice self-governance, in a flow of awareness that includes the finite, transpersonal and transfinite. We each access from within what we are ready to learn, while we experiment in forms that allow us to focus & transform our collective behavior.

At each gathering, a different configuration of participants immerse themselves in an inquiry that is related to governance IN a place. In two days, we go from being a group of strangers to being joyful comrades. So our practice reminded me of the formation of a fruiting body: in gathering, we become an integrated flow that fortifies me, the individual, to step away from my contrary habits and behavior engendered by the culture I am part of and wake up to the power of my participation in “whole system” governance; and then release and enter back into the flow I am part of.

“Whole system” governance?
“Starting from within. Working in a circle in a sacred manner, we heal and develop ourselves, our relations and our world.”
That’s the collective wisdom of Indigenous Elders that Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr. has brought into the world. That’s whole system governance. That’s also my experience of InClaritas. We meditate to begin each sector of our experience. The sacred is present and implicit. We work in a circle. And we immerse our individual selves in our relations with each other and with the world we’re exploring. For me, that experience is so delicious and liberating I can’t help bringing it into my daily life and practical activities.

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