by inclaritas | July 7, 2016 8:58 am

Since Maui, I notice that listening within is a key to governance. And that mostly I am a novice at listening. I received a number of quantum flirts about listening at Ala Kukui and since.

For example: Listening to Luana’s chant as she arrived on the land, I “heard/felt” humility, respect, and homage. Listening to the land up at the Pau, I sensed/heard from ancestors. Listening to the kukui tree, I heard instruction.

I realized that I do not know all the dimensions of listening. I notice that my body’s cells listen, as well as my ears listen. My inner ear listens. And they respond. I am in the midst of a continual conversation.  I must empty my mind to become aware of it.

When I arrived home I was guided to Lele Kawa to learn more. Now I choose a Pele chant randomly, and go on the Kamekameha website (choosing Catalogue, then clicking on Lele Kawa) to listen to the chant and absorb what my heart/body/mind is experiencing.

I have been reluctant to write this, not wanting to pin it down in words. But I’d love to hear from others who may be exploring something similar.

And one other important learning from Papalii that is now a foundation of my practice:  There are four pillars for living: humility, respect, love and forgiveness. If any are out of alignment, focus on forgiveness first.

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