Reflections on Amsterdam Winter Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

by inclaritas | February 16, 2016 1:51 pm

Is citizenship “place based”? Or conferred by membership in nation, tribe, or community?  I feel it is internalized: a place of dynamic peace within each person.

In Amsterdam InClaritas 2014, i saw the entrepreneurial zeal of individual Amsterdam citizens expressed in countless group portraits at both the Hermitage and the Rijksmuseum.

In Amsterdam 2015 I saw similar characteristics expressed in place relationships with nature; in planetary exploration & trade, at the Amsterdam museum; and in exploring the nature and meaning of life, in the Ritman Museum of Hermetic Philosophy.

Here’s what i’m noticing re citizenship:
1. Individual human initiative & innovation was key to citizenship: expressed in publishing, free speech & discourse, and freedom of movement.
2. Working in groups is essential for the material accomplishment of individual enterprise for the benefit of the whole AND the individual.
3. Balance is fundamental: between human & nature; between human and human; between finite world and infinite (“As above, so below”)
4. Knowledge emerges from the infinite field via contemplation & introspection, and enters the finite via dialogue, exploration, and experience.  It is emergent & provisional.
5.  Humility, compassion, and “Yes…and?” are active ingredients of citizenship as is humor!

Anne stadler

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