Pauline Erickson-Rulf

My most profound experience this year

was probably a medical one. An elecrophysiological ablation (catheter to the heart where a faulty electric node was zapped and put out of commission) left me astounded at the advances of modern medicine and technology. That some wire was poking around in my heart while I was fully awake (no sedative of any kind) so that I could help guide the team of heart specialists to the problem spot, seemed almost unreal. But I am grateful that in spite of some of the negatives of our increasingly technological world, many positive aspects will improve and save lives.

My contribution to the world this year

will be no other than in previous years.. I am more an observer than a do-er. My aim has always been to be kind to people, even those I do not know or understand.

It is my hope that…

kindness to others and a deeply felt sense of being but a tiny part of this huge sea of humanity (and the knowledge that in some way I could have just as easily been the ‘other’) will bring about a better world. But I am not optimistic.

My favourite article

I have no favorite article. I have many and most are probably found in magazines like The New Yorker. A recent article about the Turkish (Kurdish) excavations at Gobekli Tepe touched me deeply. With all our knowledge of the past, we still know so little.

As mentioned before, I am more an observer than an activist. Although I only have the greatest of admiration for people who join communities that better the life of others, I am not one of them. If anything, I am a “thresholder” (a term described in my husband’s book The Coming Age of Thresholding as a person who is disengaging from the noise of the world and seeking some clearing, a space that has been emptied of various forms of clutter, in order to make it easier to meditate on the present condition of the human spirit as well as on its future). I work very closely with Steve on our writings, sometimes editorially, but often in recommending content and possible new avenues for its explorations, particularly in the realm of culture (see the article posted on this website).

A website dear to meĀ 

If I can recommend a link to a website that is dear to me, it is the one of my friend Anne Baring, a (now retired) Jungian psychoanalyst and writer in England who gives lectures and seminars that focus on the neglected feminine dimensions of the world’s current Gestalt. Her website is illustrated by many of Robin Baring’s (her husband) paintings that add a wondrous touch.