Pam Fuhrmann

My most profound experience in 2011

For the year, my primary focus has been the writing of my dissertation. And while so many moments have contributed to this work – I have to say the most profound experience was completing the full draft today (I am listening to the hum of the printer now as I write).

For me the dissertation has been a course in revelation, of myself and my work, for through this process I have found a means to express who I am and who I might become. My purpose has become clear and for this I am most grateful.

What I want to bring to the world in 2012
The integration of my boon . . . The focus of my dissertation is personal development through an appreciation of the archetypal qualities of the divine feminine. My work postulates that within our current state of self-development and the demands of the modern era, the most vital developmental objectives align with the mediating and uniting attributes of the divine feminine in developing a relationship with other (non-dominant attitudes, patterns, and symbols which may be unfamiliar or unknown in our inner or outer worlds).

Through my work in the field of leadership development, I aim to hold space for the building of relationship with other, whether it is the other of unconscious, another human being, or self in relation to world. Thus, I propose placing personal development at the forefront of the financial, ecological, social, and spiritual crises of the modern era.

My favourite article

Murray Stein: Midway on our life’s journey…: On Psychological Transformation at Midlife

My favorite community

The Pacifica Graduate Institute

An art form I enjoy

I can spend countless hours at the Louvre, then even more so re-imaging the pictures I have taken. Over the years, this remains a favorite of mine: Canova’s sculpture of Psyche and Cupid: