Murray Stein

-What is your professional focus right now?

Mostly to help individuals keep their heads above water in very troubled times, then to find space in themselves to imagine and to think creatively. I work as intensively as possible with dreams and imagination and try to resist recycling all the old thoughts that occupy the bulk of most people’s ruminations.

– What recent experience had most impact on you?

Two things: the financial meltdown, which impacted most everyone I know, and the publication of C.G. Jung’s Red Book, the great psychoanalyst’s account of his personal experience during midlife which also coincided with World War I. Both of these implicate the experience of Crisis and how to deal with it creatively and with imagination.

– How do you envision future governance?

Re-imagine or die. Traditional forms of governance are called to revision from time to time in history – the French Revolution, the Revolutions in Europe in 1848, the Marxist critique and its consequences worldwide in the 20th Century, and so forth. Today individuals and organizations have to dispel the notion of complete control and adopt new orders of flexibility.

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