By Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann

1. Corinthians 13.13: Now there stay faith, hope and love – but love is the greatest.


There is a truth in this world I believe.


There is Goodness in this world I hope


There is beauty in this world I know

since I am the world’s lover.

And love is the greatest.


When I love I become beautiful.

When I am loved I become true.

Love makes me daring and wise.

It helps me share the differences.

It helps me overcome prejudice and pride.

It fills me with the deepest kind of curiosity and tenderness towards the Other.

It makes me trust there is way towards unity in diversity,

towards continuity in discontinuity.

Love already knows that there are no contradictions in the end

between faith and faith,

between theism and non-theism,

between male and female,

nature and culture,

physics and art,

mathematical principles and theological explanations,

between the empirics of physics and the narratives of pastoral care,

between the dialectics of philosophy and the paradoxes of confession.

We assume since we love,

we love since we assume: the sum of the stories told about us is all we are and yet we are more.

The falsification is all we have to get closer to reality and yet reality has its own hidden truth.

We love therefore we dare.

We dare therefore we want.

We want therefore we stand.

We stand therefore we love.

Images of God all of us. Contradictory Beautiful.




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