Listening to the Stars: The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change & Resonance Mapping

by inclaritas | June 12, 2012 4:48 pm

Jeff Vander Clute in conversation about the future of governance, referring to ‘The Constellation Model’:

“As constellation based partnerships exist only through lightweight agreements between members, they are not themselves a legally incorporated entity.”

Download full text (2x) (PDF)  Constellation Gov ModelConstellation Model - Description

Jeff Vander Clute on TOES: “TOES was beyond fabulous. We went deep, and individual and organizational egoic boundaries became more transparent than I have seen before. Nondual awareness was actively cultivated, providing fuel in the unleashing of pent-up consciousness that had been locked in otherness, and we collectively dove into the generative unknown. There was some discomfort, but the energy held us beautifully on the journey of opening.”

Jeff Vander Clute on Resonance Mapping: “Yesterday I participated in a “Committee for Good” to advise a Reiki master on how best to offer her gifts for the benefit of all. The process consisted of eight people exploring, and listening deeply for, the most resonant possibilities as well as any obstructing belief systems, e.g. I don’t have the degree (cleared) and I have disdain for money (still being cleared). There are so many opportunities for Norma Jean to teach, partner with allopathic doctors whom she has cured of cancer, etc. I realized at the end of the three-hour session that the “Resonance Mapping” process could be used to help navigate the complex landscape of possibilities. In the evening I wrote up the Resonance Mapping process and emailed it to the group. Now others who participated have said they’d like to use it. See attached!”

Download fill text (PDF) Resonance Mapping



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