Karen Malik

My most profound experience in 2012

It was a trip I took to Columbia to spend time with the Kogi.
They are an indigenous people who, when the Spanish invaded Columbia, went up into the high Sierra Madre mountains (very high altitude) to maintain their culture and wisdom.
Although there was a documentary made of them in the late 80’s, they have not been available to the “outside”.  In the last few years, they have started to come down the mountain and share their wisdom.  I was fortunate enough to attend one of these gatherings.

What I want to bring to the world in 2012

Personally, I am at a place in my life that I am integrating the various threads of my personal development and spiritual path in a balanced, coherent realization of who I am in my life at a personal and professional level.  I have always been involved in the consciousness field which has required me to develop myself so that I could do “the work”.  This year I hope to deepen my integration and gain clarity on how my inner work can be of further service.

What I hope to achieve professionally

Professionally, I want to continue giving workshops in the consciousness field and extend this work into other arenas or audiences.  I feel strongly that the value of this type of work can have great meaning if appropriately offered in other venues.

My favourite article

A favorite article of mine is an interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce about his new book: Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation.  It relates heart-mind functions to spiritual development and includes extraordinary capacities beyond what we normally think is possible.  It was published in the ECHO, a local Charlottesville paper. ECHO vol. 15, no.1

My favourite community

My favorite community would be the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM).  They are a group devoted to bridging science, allopathic medicine, healers, sensitives, and alternative healing methods.  They feel the days of proprietary isolation of each group are over. If we are to progress we will all need one another.  The founders had been a part of professional societies where there was exclusion of others.  They formed ISSSEEM to bring different approaches together.

A glimpse of an art-form that I enjoy

An art form I have most recently enjoyed is a film called Wisdom of the World from Wisdom Films.  Gary Malkin is the composer – I love his music and the photography is superb.