Jonathan Gosling

Professor of Leadership at the Centre for Leadership Studies, the University of Exeter. Trained as an anthropologist, Professor Gosling specializes in culturally diverse and boundary-spanning organizations. His work is published in journals such as Leadership, Harvard Business Review, and Social Epistemology. His most recent book is Exploring Leadership: Individual, Organizational and Societal Perspectives (2011, with colleagues at Exeter), already a standard text. He plays a significant role in the ‘greening’ of management education worldwide and is co-founder of the One Planet MBA ( He was founding Secretary of the European Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution. In 2009, Professor Gosling served as Distinguished Visiting Professor at INSEAD, France and has held similar roles in Canada, New Zealand and Sweden.

Most profound experience in 2011  

Falling back in love

What I want to bring to the world in 2012

Systemic change to management and business education worldwide, by (a) Changing the qualities that are measured in business school rankings (b) changing the criteria for accreditation of business schools, (c) launching One Planet MBAs in 5 more countries per annum.

I hope that together we can …

…open me to more translucent connecting.

My favourite article

Here is my favourite piece of my own writing.

My favourite community 

Kitezh in Kaluga, Russia

Glimpse of an art-form that I enjoy