Janet S. Steinwedel

Janet SteinwedelWhat I want to bring to the world in 2013

I have worked in organizations for 30 years, learning about leadership and supporting leaders in their growth and development.  I have my PhD in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University where I studied leadership, organizational systems and coaching. I continue my development, studying Jungian psychology and reading a variety of books and articles on mythology, psychology, neuroscience, history, integral studies, leadership, culture, travel, etc. I use poetry and meditation to further support insights and growth.

I have been working on writing a book exploring the integration of Jungian psychology with coaching.  As it develops I am refocusing on the “Coach as a Wounded Healer.”  I hope to have a solid draft by the end of 2013 to start marketing to publishers.

When I began to work on coaching in my role at AstraZeneca 10 years ago, I realized how many coaches were working from a place of unconscious wounding.  When I decided to move into a coaching role myself, having finished my dissertation, “Dream Work in Leadership Coaching: an Exploratory Study,” I realized I needed to take my understanding of my own shadow, woundedness and transference/countertransference to another level.

What I hope to achieve professionally

I went into leadership coaching to support leaders in their work and on their individuation journey, but as coaches we cannot be in an effective supporting role without greater consciousness ourselves.  I wish to continue my work with leadership and on my own leadership and individuation path.  I want to bring more of the Jungian perspective to coaching in what I’m referring to as a Jungian Analytical Framework. I would like to coach coaches in this approach to the work of supporting our leaders, so the world can benefit from leaders who act more consciously and responsibly.

My favourite article

One of my favorite articles is “Transferential Leadership: Towards a More Complex Understanding of Charisma in Organizations.” It is written by Thierry C. Pauchant.

My favourite community

I’d like to mention two: CIL (Community for Integrative Learning), and, on Gratitude, based on the work of Br David Steindl-Rast.

A glimpse of an art-form I enjoy

Photography – I have enjoyed designing books of photographs from recent trips on Shutterfly.com. It is a nice way to combine my joy of travel with photography.  See below a couple favourite sample shots.