Governance Practice

Governance Practice

InClaritas governance practice helps companies and institutions shifting to a modern consciousness in collaboration, creativity and consideration for all stakeholders.

Scholars and artist across the globe contribute to our platform for state of the art partnerships and networks. The InClaritas network boasts expertise from a wide range of scientific and artistic communities, each contributor fostering creative approaches to civic society’s most immediate challenges. Together, we respond to the demands for social cohesion and renewal within large institutions, including education, healthcare, peace forces and other bodies of socio-economic significance.

We work directly with individuals in key positions at multi-national enterprises as wells as in global NFP organisations. We guide and support those who seek to promote awareness and transformation in their areas of influence.

Awareness means stilling the mind, to facilitate concentration and clear-minded focus.

We impart an accessible framework for creating awareness, to enable conscious and intuitive decision-making and action.

Hope is a sense of positive non-attachment to things and experiences. Rather than getting caught up in existing structures and bygone models, we tune in to a deep awareness that the present moment is all we, in fact, have.

This perspective liberates and opens us to all kinds of possibilities.

Energy is what we are, on a fundamental level. But it is also what we do.

When you harmonize and connect, and allow energy to flow, it takes on an organic quality. It is this natural energy by which we work and which characterizes all great changes.

Transformation is a combination of these three elements: energy, awareness and courage.

The highest potential for positive transformation occurs in the space between things. By tapping into this space with clarity and focus, we are able to optimize collaboration, structures, decisions and the entire governance process.


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