Gillian Scholes

GILLIAN SCHOLES What I want to bring to the world in 2013

My main contribution for 2013 will be to complete my dissertation research into the subjective experience of exemplary executives in the hope of finding ways to support leaders who are at higher stages of psycho-spiritual development. At a personal level I am exploring my unconscious through sand play and active imagination, and I am continuing to work on being more present in my body by practicing the Alexander Technique and classical French dressage.

My favorite article

William Braud’s article on tears of wonder-joy: Braud, W. (2001). Experiencing tears of wonder-joy: Seeing with the heart’s eye. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 33, 99-111.

My favorite community

I have just joined the Growth Edge Network which is a new community of people thinking and learning together about how to best support transformational change in all kinds of organizations, all over the world.

A glimpse of an art form I enjoy