Franca Baroni

My most profound experience in 2012

…has been the actual experience of Love and Oneness in my physical body.

What I want to bring to the world in 2013

In 2013 I want to continue share with the world the essence of Heart Governance through the essence of who I am, through my speaking, writing, teaching, and other creative endeavors. I am dedicated to continue to bring a deeply feminine voice to inspire and catalyze change in the world of governance and law.

What I hope to achieve professionally

I hope that “On Governance” will be translated in several languages and distributed worldwide. I am envisioning opportunities to share its content through speaking engagements, lectures, workshops, and trainings. I am developing a series of services related to Heart Governance and intending that I continue to blossom as I am sharing and touching people’s lives. To this end, I am seeking to widen my circle of co-creators and synergistically collaborate with other professionals and artists. And have fun with all this!!

My favourite article

I read very little as I am mostly listening within. At this point, I have no article that comes to heart. I will share if I encounter an inspiring one.

My favourite community

I do not have an internet link to my community. I connect to wonderful, amazing, heart-centered people from many walks of life and communities in a spontaneous manner.

A glimpse of an art-form that I enjoy

I enjoy dancing. It makes my heart sing!