Follow-up on In Claritas Winter Retreat 2013

Follow-up on In Claritas Winter Retreat 2013

Dear All,

The Winter Retreat in Amsterdam emphasized the call for renewal of structures – our individual mental constructs as well as established governance models.

It prepared the ground for such renewal through sets of sensory inspiration – visual, auditive and tactile – coupled with informal dialogues. We worked on bridging structure and creativity; knowing and imagination; and unknowing and creativity. Everybody contributed to the discovery of new dimensions of knowing and experience that may help transcending bounded structures. We concluded with the Pan European Dialogues addressing governance issues in Europe.

Pam Fuhrmann says in her reflections on the Winter Retreat, “Intellectually I know I participate in forming a sensory experience, but it wasn’t until we did the meditation exercise on Thursday that I realized the depth of my impact. My sensory experience is fully what I create. That’s the awareness In Claritas is about. We are fully participating in creation. The activities we did around the Spiritual Centre called the Rose, the concert and then Modern Art Museum – those sensory experiences prepared me for the whole meditation experience. I was playful in those environments and therefore open to receive the unexpected and the undefined.” Read the full reflection

The Spring Retreat will build on these dialogues and experiences as well as the work that has grown out of the Fall Retreat in Denver. For personal statements from Denver, have a look at:

Anne Stadler reports on how In Claritas principles were put in practice in a retreat that she co-facilitated with Rhea Miller in the Salish Sea basin in November 2012. Quoting Rumi, she commences, “Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing…there’s a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Anne continues in saying that, “We encouraged people to take responsibility for what has heart and meaning. Our co-creative facilitation opened space for the gift exchange that wanted to come into practical form: from inner space, collective space, planetary and cosmic space. We welcomed whatever emerged via the patterns of self-organizing used in In Claritas gatherings. Tools and encouragement invited everyone to use all intelligences: visual, kinesthetic, auditory, sound, to express ourselves and embody our individual and collective presence.” Read the full report

The Spring Retreat will be held at Salisbury-Sarum, United Kingdom, on 29 and 30 May 2013. These two retreat days will be as preparation for the first In Claritas International Conference on Friday May 31 2013.

We look forward to welcoming you to three rich and full days!

Harry Starren

Karin Jironet

In Claritas

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