Follow-up on Fall Retreat

Follow-up on Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat proved that In Claritas offers an answer to governance dilemmas that we are all facing as “organizing” continues to shift away from the well-known hierarchical, strategy-driven and uniformity-inclined principles.

Working with the three cases, generously and transparently showed what governance dilemmas look like in companies representing the important sectors of education, publication and finance. There we discovered in an experiential manner how guidance principles leading to renewal actually work in practice.

Matthew, Publication Studio, said, “I deeply enjoyed thinking together with all of you. We have such a lively, dynamic, and adventurous mind together. And so much life experience. Above all else, I felt a vast expansion of my thinking thanks to the incredible range of experience and perspective that was brought into play.”

Anton, Denver University, “For me, the In Claritas process is about creating a space of emergence in the gap between reality and possibility. The group energy that we generate is a relational container for coming to know one another, our essence, and what we cannot not do in our lives. Sharing our heart energy allows us to avoid being stuck in either reality or possibility, and instead focus on the place between. The In Claritas guidance helps us to realize at a deep level what actions are worth taking, and which are not. When we form as a group, we understand what it means to be true to our own gifts, true to our perceptions of the world’s needs, and true to the spot where our gifts and the world’s needs intersect.”

In Claritas guidance is a joy to practice, not simply because it works but because it brings satisfaction to deep growth.

Harry Starren
Karin Jironet

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