David Smith

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I am working to create change in the mining industry, where I am intent on building trusting, engaging, and joyful organizations that respect and cooperate with the Earth and model the very best that mining can be. I’m fascinated by the dynamics of leadership and working together, and always curious about what is going on behind the scenes.

My most profound recent experience has been a string of lovely and powerful moments while working with Jeff and Maria of Sourcing the Way (http://www.sourcingtheway.com/). Through this process, I’ve gained an entirely new view of my work by building layers of meaning that anchor my efforts in powerful commitments and give me an expansive vision of what is possible.

I love that I’m working to bring grace, insight, and transformation to the world in 2015.

One of my favorite art forms is photography, especially light on water (http://www.teacherontheradio.com/2011/11/nothing-but-water-totr-151.html)

My favorite recent books are The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer (http://untetheredsoul.com/surrender-experiment) andLeaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek (https://www.startwithwhy.com/Books.aspx)

My favorite community is Dynamic Peace (http://dynamicpeace.life/).