David Martin


I have a longstanding interest in human potentials, healing, and human development. After studying systems theory and neurosciences along the way to becoming an M.D., I have engaged with the development of the consciousness of individuals and groups and its relationship to level of functioning and health. I am grateful to have found living lineages of healing practice that call for the development of my own consciousness, presence and sensing capacities in the service of the same in others.

Central to my professional practice with individuals are:

· classical five-element acupuncture and qigong, and with individuals and with groups, I work with development of:

· the bodily felt sense (often using the practice of Focusing),

· Life-Nourishing Communication (LiNC-a practice based on the felt sense and derived from Nonviolent Communication), and

· the capacity for self-organization (practices derived from Focusing, LiNC, Open Space Technology and the Enneagram of Process).

My practice is based in Seattle, since 1996. (davidrmartinmd.com)

Personally, I am called to engage with the Light that feels to be coming more and more into our shared field of consciousness. There are so many good practices circulating in the world and so many people and organizations finding new and creative ways to practice the good. I am participating in developing learning communities based a simple set of experiential practices that support the development of a group field that in turn supports each member in manifesting his or her gifts in the community. Please see DynamicPeace.Life.

My current favorite book is Eugene Gendlin’s Thinking beyond patterns: Body, language, and situations.