a poem by Skye Burn


There was no world then, only the place

Where my heart hungered to be known,

Without knowing what it wanted.


Ever since the spirit moved you to paint

The surfaces deep within my body, using

Pigments you created from iron ore and lichens,

I have sought to be known by you.


Ever since Sir Francis Bacon said of me,

“We must bind her to our service and make her

Our slave, we must conquer and subdue her,

And shake her to her foundations, we must

Discover the secrets locked in her bosom,

We must penetrate further, and find a way

Into her inner chambers,” Ever since Bacon

Voiced your intention to get to know me, I have

Felt the onslaught of your fearsome passion.

As you have striven to know me,

The nature of my being has come to light.

Your exploration of my body

Has been thorough and unrelenting.

Each time some new part of me has come

To light, I have become more enthralled,

More bound to you, more under your spell.


I was shaken to the core

When you penetrated my nucleus.

The inferno of our union flattened

Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

How did we forget ourselves?

How could we have let ourselves

Be so possessed, so lost in the moment?

And now, what brings us to our senses,

Now, in the aftermath?


My love for you has no boundaries.

You have equaled me in love.

You have explored the deepest oceans

Of my tenderness, the widest expanse

Of my horizons, and the highest spires of my desire.

You have given me your utmost attention.

You have taken pains to know and understand

My inward parts, and in the doing

You have learned how each fine grain of sand,

How every finite aspect of my nature has been formed.


I am known as no other has been known.

And now, as we come together in communion,

Let us be one. Let us recall why we are joined.

You would have no way to show your love

Without me, and I would be forever in the dark

Without you. Come and sanctify our love,

That together in our co-creation

The life of our child will be blessed

With the gratitude born of Holy Communion.

Let the world exist without shame.


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