Things Change All the Time, but Sometimes It’s Never the Same: Creating Awareness of Transformation for Leading Organizations

Our world is transforming at an incredible pace
– and it always has been. What’s new this time
is that our categories of mind are changing.
Leadership, growth, power; well-known concepts,
start to mean something very different for
modern organizations.

The Road Not Taken: Reclaiming the Unlived Life

Here you can download and read an article by Lynnaea Lumbard, The Road Not Taken: Reclaiming the Unlived Life


With a new Secretary General to be appointed at the United Nations this year, now is the ideal time to address the critical questions – and the clearest answers –

Reflections on Seattle Fall Retreat 2015 by Lynnaea Lumbard

I can feel my whole system light up with more energy, lightness, and trust in myself. How cool is that? Actually it’s very cool to be able to bear witness to the alchemical changes in the archetypal architecture of my life as I am living in it.

Reflections on Amsterdam Winter Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

Is citizenship "place based"? Or conferred by membership in nation, tribe, or community?  I feel it is internalized: a place of dynamic peace within each person. In Amsterdam InClaritas 2014,

Reflections on Seattle Fall Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

My reflection about how InClaritas expands our freedom and our collective capacity for conscious, aware governance. Our Fall retreat took place in Seattle, where the governing powers committed to being

Seattle retreat pictures by artist photographer Laurie Lambrecht

Laurie Lambrecht gallery... View Gallery 16 Photos by Laurie Lambrecht www.laurielambrecht.com

Reflections on Assisi Spring Retreat 2015 by Pam Fuhrmann

The experiences of our latest gathering – the visual art of the Virgin Mary, multiple interpretations of language and storytelling, embodied experience of creating and walking the labyrinth, and encountering

Reflection on Assisi Speing Retreat 2015 by Anne Stadler

For me, Assisi was a conjunction of being “other”; being immersed in an inspiring landscape of light; and experiencing, daily, St Francis’ focus on compassion. My question: How does being

Spring Retreat 2015 Assisi, Italy

We are working on the theme for the Spring Retreat – Renaissance Man – Embracing The Other. The renaissance flourished because of an unprecedented influx of outsiders and foreign “thought”.

Reflections on Assisi Spring Retreat 2015 by Selma Sevenhuijsen

It’s nearly half a year already, our meeting in Assisi. I greatly enjoyed being there with the InClaritas group and getting acquainted with its way of working. It inspired me

Winter Retreat 2014 Reflections

Vitality and Health: How to Govern for Compassionate Care We were exploring how In Claritas models of convening and organizing can be utilized for the Charter for Compassion movement to

Free Giweaway: Living well where we live by Anne Stadler

Exploring Self-organizing Leadership in a self-organizing world.

Reflections Rome by Jonathan Reams

We arrived in Rome amid a cool and damp January, and found our way to a restaurant where our fellow In Claritas companions for this retreat were gathered. There the

Reflections on Nice Retreat by Janet S. Steinwedel

I had such strong resonance with Karin’s book on Female Leadership when I read it last December, that I was eager to meet her and learn more about her work

New Fellow – Dr. Prasad Kaipa

Founder and executive director of the Centre for Leadership, Innovation and Change at the Indian School of Business and the author of celebrated leadership books, including the 2013 bestseller From