Group Gnosis and Governance, Jeff Vander Clute

A beautiful thing about people is that we have the freedom to encounter one another in so many ways. We can literally bump into one another physically; and we are constantly interacting mentally, energetically, and (subtler still) vibrationally. While a little friction amongst individuals can be generative, difficulty can also arise when group members are unaware of the inner workings of their own being and of the collective being.

Putting In Claritas Principles in Practice

by Anne Stadler. Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing…there’s a field.  I’ll meet you there.  – Rumi During the month of November, 2012, two circles gathered to co-create

In Claritas Spring Retreat and Conference 2013

The Spring Retreat will be held at Salisbury-Sarum, UK, from May 29 thru 31, 2013. On may 31, the first International In Claritas Conference will take place. The city of

Making the World Grow and Safe – Leadership „in Claritas“ – A short summary of our meetings and conferences-

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann. First We met in de Baak and I brought an old fashioned pencil. —take your time —write down –give space to beauty in Your thoughts

Think This Election Is About the Economy? Interview With Analyst Murray Stein

An Interview with Jungian psychoanalyst Murray Stein by Pythia Peay. Originally published in Huffington Post. Part of an ongoing series on the American Psyche. In search of insight into the

Retreat at Denver University

The Autumn Retreat will be held at Denver University on 21, 22, and 23 October 2012. This retreat will be dedicated to exploring how the In Claritas concept of governance works


By Skye Burn It seems what is happening works “out of an engine that operates along principles” familiar to artists and Jungian psychologists. We have just never seen it happen

Spring Retreat

During the Spring Retreat we joined forces to establish what is next in terms of the image of future governance. However, what does it ask of us and how can


-What is your professional focus right now? Mostly to help individuals keep their heads above water in very troubled times, then to find space in themselves to imagine and to


    By Harry Starren – to be published in Notes 3 by Q.S. Serafijn, Post Editions Rotterdam, 2012. If I had to choose between science and art, I’d choose art

OF BREAKDOWN, EMPTINESS, AND RENEWAL – Understanding our Complex Cultural Present

by Stephen A. Erickson and Pauline Erickson-Rulf We live in a time of dramatically altering economic, cultural as well as spiritual landscapes. In short, we live in a time of disruption.


By Karin Jironet On 11-12 January 2012 a group of artists, academics and business leaders join in an experimental session to explore what, from their different perspectives, may be informing