The Net and the Butterfly: The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking

In The Charisma Myth, Olivia Fox Cabane offered a groundbreaking approach to becoming more charismatic. Now she teams up with Judah Pollack to reveal how anyone can train their brain

Men-Women: an update. Drs. Dieuwke Begemann

To understand why an update in our thinking about the relationship between women and men is as important as it is, we first need to see how deeply this relationship

Q + A with Karin Jironet

Why the combination of Love + Power is the next big thing in leadership. This article was published on October 24, 2016 in issue 71 of 360 Magazine. To read

The Road Not Taken: Reclaiming the Unlived Life

Here you can download and read an article by Lynnaea Lumbard, The Road Not Taken: Reclaiming the Unlived Life

Free Giweaway: Living well where we live by Anne Stadler

Exploring Self-organizing Leadership in a self-organizing world.

Inner Transformation for Good Governance

Here you can download and read an article by Arun Wakhlu, Inner transformation for good governance.

The White Priviledge

InClaritas friend Gretchen Krampf recommends Peggy McIntosh’s article The White Priviledge for reading.

A Psycho-Spiritual Model for Leadership Development

By Karin Jironet and Murray Stein Globalization and the dramatic rise of information technology (such as social media) have led to significant shifts in society and have radically changed the

Phil Lane’s Guidelines for Consultation and Leadership

Download Full text (PDF)    Spiritual Qualities of Leadership-An Indigenous Perspective, and Guiding Principles for Consultation Download Full text (PDF)   Steps for Raking Unified Action, and Non-Political Elections. Download Full text

Creating Meaning in an Era of Rapid Change

By Cam Danielson. This is the foundational piece from which I built my organization capacity building practice.  The explanation of this practice has taken many different forms – the article

The Practice of Organization Capacity Building

By Cam Danielson. The following article was initially written 10 years ago while I was at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.  My role as head of executive education

Epoch of Transformation: An Interpersonal Leadership Model for the 21st Century–Part 1

By Nick Ross. Existing and emergent global challenges are placing ever greater demands on leadership today. In order to meet those challenges more effectively, there is a growing need for

Listening to the Stars: The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change & Resonance Mapping

Jeff Vander Clute in conversation about the future of governance, referring to ‘The Constellation Model’: “As constellation based partnerships exist only through lightweight agreements between members, they are not themselves