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Winter Retreat 2014 Reflections

Vitality and Health: How to Govern for Compassionate Care We were exploring how In Claritas models of convening and organizing can be utilized for the Charter for Compassion movement to

Free Giweaway: Living well where we live by Anne Stadler

Exploring Self-organizing Leadership in a self-organizing world.

The Winter Retreat Amsterdam on 18, 19 & 20 December 2014

All around the world we are seeing evidence of shifts away from hierarchical structures, beyond old broadcast models where communication is conducted by one to the many. This groundshift is

The Summer Retreat Istanbul on 16, 17, and 18 June 2014

Known as City of the World’s Desire, Istanbul has been governed by three different faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And for nearly 3,000 years it has been the battle ground

Reflections Rome by Jonathan Reams

We arrived in Rome amid a cool and damp January, and found our way to a restaurant where our fellow In Claritas companions for this retreat were gathered. There the

The Spring Retreat Chicago on 19, 20, and 21 March 2014.

  Harry Starren as well as Karin Jironet, for different reasons, are prevented from contributing to this retreat and so found Pam Fuhrmann and Cam Danielson prepared to proceed if

Winter Retreat 2014 – Rome

Rome is called the eternal city. At times messy and dirty it is full of amazing works of art: Architecture, sculptures, gardens, paintings, design. It is not a museum as

Reflections on Nice Retreat by Janet S. Steinwedel

I had such strong resonance with Karin’s book on Female Leadership when I read it last December, that I was eager to meet her and learn more about her work

Fall Retreat 2013 – Nice

Dear All, Resting in gratitude for the impressive Summer Retreat in Amsterdam – you will find the first reflections on – we are eager to build on this and

New Fellow – Dr. Prasad Kaipa

Founder and executive director of the Centre for Leadership, Innovation and Change at the Indian School of Business and the author of celebrated leadership books, including the 2013 bestseller From

Reflections on Amsterdam by Nick Ross

Amsterdam was really about placing myself into an environment that I did not know (a foreign town) and that I would not usually choose to spend much time in (a

Reflections on Amsterdam by Pam Fuhrmann

The theme of enhancing awareness and expanding doors of perception found home with me in Amsterdam. And while I could write to many themes and experiences, it is the question

Reflections on Amsterdam by Suzanne Hoeben

With a calm demeanor prone to giving others the impression that I exist on retreat, it is remarkable that these three August days with In Claritas were, in fact, my first[hand]

Thoughts from Amsterdam Museum

Consciousness in the city, we learned, is something that does not come
naturally. The city is a constant stream of impulses, like a child that wants to play
all the time. If

Summer Retreat 2013 – Amsterdam

There are three ways, and even more, of announcing the Summer Retreat 2013 – why choose? One way could be to say that during the Summer Retreat we will be

A Psycho-Spiritual Model for Leadership Development

By Karin Jironet and Murray Stein Globalization and the dramatic rise of information technology (such as social media) have led to significant shifts in society and have radically changed the