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The End is Very Close to the Beginning

By Peter Brown. My reading of Vedanta helps me understand death as part of a natural, cyclical journey and not the end. Nature is cyclical, and the end is very

Follow-up on In Claritas Winter Retreat 2013

Dear All, The Winter Retreat in Amsterdam emphasized the call for renewal of structures – our individual mental constructs as well as established governance models. It prepared the ground for

Reflections on Winter Retreat

by Dr. Pam Fuhrmann. Presence All time is now. We are invited to experience and perceive through the senses how we participate in creating an experience, a reality – be


By Suzanne Hoeben. Adriaan Schout’s opening slides of euro banknotes – decorated as they are with anodyne bridges and architectural features – highlighted the fact that the notes are bereft

Putting In Claritas Principles in Practice

by Anne Stadler. Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing…there’s a field.  I’ll meet you there.  – Rumi During the month of November, 2012, two circles gathered to co-create

Follow-up on Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat proved that In Claritas offers an answer to governance dilemmas that we are all facing as “organizing” continues to shift away from the well-known hierarchical, strategy-driven and

Reflecting on Denver. Looking forward to Salisbury!

By Nick Ross. Dear All, So delighted that the spring retreat will be taking place in England. Salisbury-Sarum-such a mystical and important place-is only 45 minutes from home. Of course

In Claritas Spring Retreat and Conference 2013

The Spring Retreat will be held at Salisbury-Sarum, UK, from May 29 thru 31, 2013. On may 31, the first International In Claritas Conference will take place. The city of

Making the World Grow and Safe – Leadership „in Claritas“ – A short summary of our meetings and conferences-

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann. First We met in de Baak and I brought an old fashioned pencil. —take your time —write down –give space to beauty in Your thoughts

What we learned in Denver – Reflections for the Future

By Anton G. Camarota. For me, the In Claritas process is about creating a space of emergence in the gap between reality and possibility. The group energy that we generate

Faustin Linyekula, a dancer from the Republic of Congo

  My Only True Country is My Body by David Van Reybrouck. 1. Clad in a sheet of newspaper, this is how I first saw him dance. I was watching

Inspired by Denver – an offering

By Matthew Stadler. That was great. Thank you. I deeply enjoyed thinking together with all of you. We have such a lively, dynamic, and adventurous mind together. And so much

Foto-impression from Denver retreat

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A story of Radiant Networking

By Anne Stadler. Originally published on Collecitve Wisdom Initiative. (excerpt) Co-creative collective consciousness emerges through Divine guidance. Anyone who has experienced intuition, an accurate hunch, a gut feeling, has been

Phil Lane’s Guidelines for Consultation and Leadership

Download Full text (PDF)    Spiritual Qualities of Leadership-An Indigenous Perspective, and Guiding Principles for Consultation Download Full text (PDF)   Steps for Raking Unified Action, and Non-Political Elections. Download Full text

Chief Phil Lane Jr. about In Claritas

“I am very pleased to find the Jungian connections to In Claritas. My late Uncle Vine Deloria Jr. wrote the book CG Jung and Sioux Traditions that was published after

Think This Election Is About the Economy? Interview With Analyst Murray Stein

An Interview with Jungian psychoanalyst Murray Stein by Pythia Peay. Originally published in Huffington Post. Part of an ongoing series on the American Psyche. In search of insight into the

Retreat at Denver University

The Autumn Retreat will be held at Denver University on 21, 22, and 23 October 2012. This retreat will be dedicated to exploring how the In Claritas concept of governance works

Creating Meaning in an Era of Rapid Change

By Cam Danielson. This is the foundational piece from which I built my organization capacity building practice.  The explanation of this practice has taken many different forms – the article

The Practice of Organization Capacity Building

By Cam Danielson. The following article was initially written 10 years ago while I was at the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.  My role as head of executive education

A Depth Psychology Lens to Shared Value

By Pam Fuhrmann. Discussions during the recent In Claritas retreat resurfaced a key thought and application for furthering my research: the relationship of personal development to the concept of “shared

Idling in the city: A time of being

By Anton G. Camarota. Last year, after more than five years of intensive effort, I received my doctoral degree. This was the most difficult and challenging task I have undertaken.

Epoch of Transformation: An Interpersonal Leadership Model for the 21st Century–Part 1

By Nick Ross. Existing and emergent global challenges are placing ever greater demands on leadership today. In order to meet those challenges more effectively, there is a growing need for

Some Thoughts on Inclaritas

Dear All, In Claritas is seeking to find out what he future of governance might be like. As such, we are inherently drawn to the same principles – transformation, awareness

Coming out of the anaesthetic

(Coming in to plenitude of being in the plenary world). Recommended by Nick Ross, article by John Moriarty. Talking with her recently, my niece Amanda reminded me that humanity has in

Listening to the Stars: The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change & Resonance Mapping

Jeff Vander Clute in conversation about the future of governance, referring to ‘The Constellation Model’: “As constellation based partnerships exist only through lightweight agreements between members, they are not themselves

A leader should be a gardener

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann. The In Claritas Spring retreat inspired me to work on the metaphor of a garden. A garden can represent the cosmos and how each and


By Skye Burn It seems what is happening works “out of an engine that operates along principles” familiar to artists and Jungian psychologists. We have just never seen it happen

Spring Retreat

During the Spring Retreat we joined forces to establish what is next in terms of the image of future governance. However, what does it ask of us and how can


-What is your professional focus right now? Mostly to help individuals keep their heads above water in very troubled times, then to find space in themselves to imagine and to