Arun Wakhlu

Arun NiceMy most profound experience in 2012 -2013

My most profound experience in 2012-13 was organizing a global gathering for One Wholesome World in Caux, Switzerland from 17 to 23 July 2012.This was a  meeting of like-minded people from the six world regions in search of a collective wisdom to co-create a new future for humankind. We had an outstanding gathering and some great connections happened.

It was profound for me because this was another occasion where I have been guided by Source to take on an audacious goal and then work with faith and action to make it happen. (Have done similar things in the past e.g. and Indo Pakistan People to People Dialogue for Peace and Prosperity in 2000 , and Radiant Networking in 2004). The way funds came, the right people came(including Imam Ashafa and Pastor James from Nigeria) was nothing short of amazing grace at work. The global gathering woke me up  to the deep understanding that the world is already  whole! It is my own unwholesomeness that I have to work on compassionately. Also to move forward with discipline born of being a disciple of Source(who is Infinite Love and Peace and Joy). The gathering in 2012 has paved the way for deeper transformation in 2013, including the completion and publication  of my book “One Wholesome World”.

The second major profound experience of 2012-13 has been to serve as  the Project Director for the capacity building of  Facilitators and  Apex Administrative Training Institutes  of the Government of India to teach a course in Ethics and Values in Public Governance. It continues to be a Source inspired experience like much of my life now.

What I want to bring to the world in 2013

What I want to bring to the world in 2013 is the book called “One Wholesome World”. Also a deeply Open Heart and complete surrender to Source, my own I Am. Born from this, to diligently work for the project of “Poorna Pune” (Poorna = Wholesome)… to catalyze Pune(India) into a wholesome and compassionate city, with many  prepared and evolved I-Catlysts® , and an explosion of compassion, connection, collaboration and co-creation in the service of the wellbeing of all.

Also would like to transform our  organization ( into a  thriving ecosystem  for human evolution and well being…an organism that  is thriving, environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just.

What I hope to achieve professionally

To be  an even more fluent and integral channel of the Love and Light of I Am. To use the tools of  Systemic Transformation for creating breakthroughs in Business Results and Joy in many Business Organizations in India,The Netherlands, USA  and elsewhere. See : The Pragati Leadership Story

My favourite article

“Sacred Earth, a New Economy, and the 21st Century University”   By David C. Korten

My Favourite community

The Compassionate Action Network

A glimpse of an art-form that you enjoy

My Poem “You Are Home”:

You are Home,

Beloved    Self…

An Infinite Field

Of Silence 




In  the


That Is


Nothing moves.


And yet…….

All that needs

To happen

Dances forth

With ease

And Grace.


The  Love

And Light

That You are

Reminds  Me

In playful ways..


I  too

Am  already


And there is


To be done.


Salutations to

The Nothingness

Which is




Salutations to


Dear Silent Sanctuary

Our One Home