by Shervin Nekuee

On 25th of the year 2011 my third child and second daughter was born

It was not a random date, it was my birthday. . .

I had planned a cocktail party for my birthday

but there was a  brighter surprise that was waiting for me

Two years before that when I turned 40

I couldn’t imagine to become father again in my forth earthly decade

But then came a sapphire sea of love in my horizon

And brought me a singing sea fairy

I couldn’t resist to jump in to the sea of love

Me and my fairy dived deep into the bottom of the sea

And there was this premature pearl that we find and nurtured

Until she was so far to appear to the earthly world

That pearl is “Lara”, my third daughter,

who was born on my birthday

her name in old Persian means “ The angel of beauty”

And I have this feeling that with her

the sense of reborn

and the longing to return to the essentially esthetical manifestation of life

came back to my memory

and became me

and the message and meaning I was brought here to share

“Another birth” is the title of a 20 century modernist Persian poet. Her name is Forugh Farrokhzad. From a very young age I had her as my most favorite poet, and this poem of her I loved and love the most.  I leave for you the link to English version of this beautiful poem here

And all the fragility – that has been forgotten due to tough-minded language of our time – that is back to me thanks to my fairy and to our Lara you can hear in alchemic work of Iranian composer Hossein Alizadeh & and Armenian maestro vocalist Jivan Gasparyan.

Endless Vision – Mama

There is a young; sensitive and talented British-Dutch storyteller that I would like to introduce to you (she is also our wonderful babysitter as well). Her name is Bryony Burns. Bryony is fascinated by hero’s and myths and mystics and would love to tell a story about hero’s in this occasion of your gathering. You can visit her website here.


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