Anne Joergensen

A. Web 3. 2013 (1)I am a body-psychotherapist, processleader, yogateacher and author of the book “Churned by the Sea” (so far only in Danish). Own business since 1987. For private clients it can be psychotherapy, body therapy, couples therapy, or “from mindfulness to heartfulness”. For business, for example process management, coaching, personal leadership.

My personal interests:
Focus has always been pleasure, joy and inspiration in the development of personal and professional potential, and my commitment in cases which support a dignified life for people. I enjoy to support people who are developing, uncovering their hidden resources, and grow and contribute themselves to the world

My most profound experience in 2014

After many years with own business, I felt “I’ve been there, done that”. After a process that had built up over time, I traveled out into the blue without calendar and moved to India, not knowing if I came back to DK. When I after a few years felt to return to Denmark, and ones again start my professional life, there was a financial crisis in the country. I re-started my business with a strong upwind, and it was tough. My finances were in tatters. I came in contact with an existential fear – basically to die. The fear was so intense that my whole system contracted again and again. Very bad for the inspiration! By staying with the fear, I managed in the end of 2013 to remain open when the big bills came, without any idea where the money should come from. In 2014 there was flow in my business. What a relief.

What I want to bring to the world in 2015

How I want to develop my work and with whom, I am still inquiring. In addition to my private practice with individuals, couples and groups, I want to contribute to train leaders who are interested in including heart qualities in their leadership.
I feel very committed to encouraging coming from that level of consciousness, and it is a continuous exercise – to walk my talk. The development of the world concerns me, and I’m open to find a way in which I can contribute the best with my qualities.
Glimpse of an art-form that I enjoy

I enjoy looking at paintings – colors inspires me, and I enjoy myself to paint acrylic paint. I am totally amateur, and just enjoy throwing myself into the world of color. It’s fun and relaxing.
I often find many of TED talks inspiring, such as this:
Favorite book/article

I don’t have a favorite book. At the moment I read Ingrid Betancourt: Even silence has an end – My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle:
Favorite community
I am a member of Marga Society, which is great learning: