Karin Jironet

Karin Jironet

Founder of InClaritas

Reflecting and committing my reflections to paper, is what makes me come alive. It’s my hobby and my work as an internationally published author. At the moment I am writing on a novel about love.

At InClaritas retreats and while working in the governance practice, I combine my direct experience of the unified reality with conscious differentiation. This approach has always been at the core of my research.

As a cross-disciplinary academic I studied linguistics and after working as clinical speech pathologist, I next earned my PhD in Theology and later my accreditation as a psychoanalyst in Zurich. Spending many hundreds of hours working with senior executives, I have learned that only those who are open to the unexpected and the undefined – and willing to step beyond their old habits of mind – only these individuals have the ability to embrace more complex and subtle ways of knowing themselves and the world and in turn be leaders in modern governance.

Karin Jironet. Author, psychoanalyst, theologian.
Website: www.jironet.com