Harry Starren

Harry Starren
Founder of InClaritas

Having devoted most of my professional life to creating advances in adult development and education, I have come to believe that for the final steps in the journey to mastery one has no map. And that the highest level of understanding that an individual attains has no precedent, because it is always unique.

It’s the same way that top musicians reach ecstasy or visual artists depict the impossible. Neither is non existent or untrue. To reach this level of knowing, outgrown structures and antiquated notions must be abolished. This process is as much about unlearning as it is about learning.

Stripping back layers of the known, we are confronted by the magical but at times frightening realms of the unknown. But this unknown is exactly what we face today as familiar structures and behavioural patterns disappear before us, leaving no instruction manual on how to move forward.

It may be likened with the highest level of training after the theater academy, where the actors are asked to prepare a piece with virtually no instruction. The void is a frightening starting point and potentially the end. We experience the same today as we face the massive collapse of familiar structures while having no handbook for how to move on. InClaritas embodies the field of immediate presence and awareness fearlessly. It provides the wisdom and confidence needed to bring new vision, energy and insight to modern-day governance.

Harry Starren. Chairman Federation Dutch Creative Industries – Dean of the Nederlandse School
Website: www.harrystarren.nl