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About InClaritas

About InClaritas

InClaritas is a not for profit organisation, founded in 2010 in response to the need for a new approach to governance. We draw on cutting-edge discoveries in art and science to educate and inspire thought leaders in civic society. We work closely alongside key players at major corporations and social institutions to implement a customised, new form of governance.

InClaritas meets the current, unprecedented demand on leaders in a wide array of professional groups to understand how to use and guide energy, intention and action. Our approach not only prevents chaos, inefficiency and miscommunication but fosters a deeply felt connection and common purpose. The result is greater freedom and flow in all performance areas.

We achieve this through non-traditional, subtle ways of fostering clear awareness of the unknown and uncontrollable components in the professional environment. We challenge leaders to stretch beyond their habitual limits of thinking, utilising sensory exposure to art forms and reflection techniques which must be experienced to be understood. Our extensive experience in organisational and leadership development at the highest levels has made clear that accessing this ‘deep comprehension’ is absolutely critical for optimal governance.

InClaritas is committed to a modern, advanced approach to governance for the benefit of civic society and its leaders.