A Psycho-Spiritual Model for Leadership Development

by admin | June 2, 2013 12:05 pm

By Karin Jironet and Murray Stein

Globalization and the dramatic rise of information technology (such as social media) have led to significant shifts in society and have radically changed the contexts in which many organizations operate. Recent research indicates that collaboration, co-creation and partnerships inside and outside of organizations are the best means for achieving success in the present environment and the near and distant future. (For various perspectives on these changes, please see Brafman & Beckstrom, Gobillot, Jironet, Li, and Shirky.) Successful leaders must create a heightened sense of their organization’s potential for participating in an international landscape, create space for individuals in their organizations to contribute to this vision1 and communicate the importance of this value throughout their organizations. […]

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