A leader should be a gardener

A leader should be a gardener

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann.

The In Claritas Spring retreat inspired me to work on the metaphor of a garden. A garden can represent the cosmos and how each and everything and each and everyone together reflect beauty and sense and grow A garden might represent a group flourishing in an agreement beyond words.

A leader should be a gardener: patient and yet curious. Full of lust and yet caring.

A gardener better listens to the needs of each and every plant and flower.

What do they need. What do they give. Which ones go well together.

He might invent new crossings, but this has do be done as if he would listen to the plants phantasy themselves.

A garden has its own time. Sometimes timelessness. A garden needs a special soil.

Sun here. Rain there.

The garden teaches a lot to the gardener. In special moments the gardener will become a growing part of the garden.

Then there is a selfgrowing process without leadership for a while…

Thank you all!



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