Inspired by Denver – an offering

Inspired by Denver – an offering

By Matthew Stadler.

That was great. Thank you. I deeply enjoyed thinking together with all of you. We have such a lively, dynamic, and adventurous mind together. And so much life experience. Above all else, I felt a vast expansion of my thinking thanks to the incredible range of experience and perspective that was brought into play by all of you.

I want to offer all of you two things: (1) a few links to related work that came up as we spoke; and (2) a book, Revolution: A Reader, that I am happy to give each of the Denver participants as a gift. Just send me your mailing address. (Steve, you can have a second one, free, if you like!) Those who prefer to buy it can find the book for sale (and much else about that project) here.

The links: He came up at dinner, but you should all listen to Faustin Linyekula, a dancer from the Republic of Congo. You can also read about his work in the attached article by David Van Reybrouck.

The Public School is a continuing education project that enables people to both propose and take classes, to be teachers and/or students, in various cities, mostly in North America. Their internal structure is very much like Publication Studio. As they describe it, “The Public School is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.”

Not a link, but an essay in a book: Thomas Merton was such a wonderful contributor to our gathering, I think we should all read Guy Davenport’s “Tom and Gene,” an essay about Merton and the photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard, both of them close friends of Guy’s over many decades in Kentucky. It’s in his collection, The Hunter Grachus.

I’m sure there’s more, forthcoming. Thank you again, all,



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