Summer Retreat 2013 – Amsterdam

There are three ways, and even more, of announcing the Summer Retreat 2013 – why choose? One way could be to say that during the Summer Retreat we will be

To live an imaginative life

by Cam Danielson. To live an imaginative life doesn’t mean a life of fantasy, in ignorance of the suffering of human existence.  Rather it takes that very suffering as a

Reflections from In Claritas

by Anne Stadler. What is sacred?  Harry prompted us to ask that question daily with different partners.  Now I ask that of my Self daily and live an answer moment

A Fundamental Shift

By Herman Wijffels. Humanity today experiences a fundamental evolutionary shift. The current crisis results from the success and growth acquired through the industrial period. Introspection will help us resolve this crisis

Salisbury Retreat Learnings

We spent our time exploring the inner and outer dimensions of the sacred in relation to our perceptions of reality, both individually and collectively. These orientations are deeply rooted in

Inner Transformation for Good Governance

Here you can download and read an article by Arun Wakhlu, Inner transformation for good governance.

The White Priviledge

InClaritas friend Gretchen Krampf recommends Peggy McIntosh’s article The White Priviledge for reading.

A Psycho-Spiritual Model for Leadership Development

By Karin Jironet and Murray Stein Globalization and the dramatic rise of information technology (such as social media) have led to significant shifts in society and have radically changed the