Follow-up on Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat proved that In Claritas offers an answer to governance dilemmas that we are all facing as “organizing” continues to shift away from the well-known hierarchical, strategy-driven and

Reflecting on Denver. Looking forward to Salisbury!

By Nick Ross. Dear All, So delighted that the spring retreat will be taking place in England. Salisbury-Sarum-such a mystical and important place-is only 45 minutes from home. Of course

In Claritas Spring Retreat and Conference 2013

The Spring Retreat will be held at Salisbury-Sarum, UK, from May 29 thru 31, 2013. On may 31, the first International In Claritas Conference will take place. The city of

Making the World Grow and Safe – Leadership „in Claritas“ – A short summary of our meetings and conferences-

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann. First We met in de Baak and I brought an old fashioned pencil. —take your time —write down –give space to beauty in Your thoughts

What we learned in Denver – Reflections for the Future

By Anton G. Camarota. For me, the In Claritas process is about creating a space of emergence in the gap between reality and possibility. The group energy that we generate

Faustin Linyekula, a dancer from the Republic of Congo

  My Only True Country is My Body by David Van Reybrouck. 1. Clad in a sheet of newspaper, this is how I first saw him dance. I was watching

Inspired by Denver – an offering

By Matthew Stadler. That was great. Thank you. I deeply enjoyed thinking together with all of you. We have such a lively, dynamic, and adventurous mind together. And so much

Foto-impression from Denver retreat

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A story of Radiant Networking

By Anne Stadler. Originally published on Collecitve Wisdom Initiative. (excerpt) Co-creative collective consciousness emerges through Divine guidance. Anyone who has experienced intuition, an accurate hunch, a gut feeling, has been