A Depth Psychology Lens to Shared Value

By Pam Fuhrmann. Discussions during the recent In Claritas retreat resurfaced a key thought and application for furthering my research: the relationship of personal development to the concept of “shared

Idling in the city: A time of being

By Anton G. Camarota. Last year, after more than five years of intensive effort, I received my doctoral degree. This was the most difficult and challenging task I have undertaken.

Epoch of Transformation: An Interpersonal Leadership Model for the 21st Century–Part 1

By Nick Ross. Existing and emergent global challenges are placing ever greater demands on leadership today. In order to meet those challenges more effectively, there is a growing need for

Some Thoughts on Inclaritas

Dear All, In Claritas is seeking to find out what he future of governance might be like. As such, we are inherently drawn to the same principles – transformation, awareness

Coming out of the anaesthetic

(Coming in to plenitude of being in the plenary world). Recommended by Nick Ross, article by John Moriarty. Talking with her recently, my niece Amanda reminded me that humanity has in

Listening to the Stars: The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change & Resonance Mapping

Jeff Vander Clute in conversation about the future of governance, referring to ‘The Constellation Model’: “As constellation based partnerships exist only through lightweight agreements between members, they are not themselves

A leader should be a gardener

By Dr. Sybille C. Fritsch-Oppermann. The In Claritas Spring retreat inspired me to work on the metaphor of a garden. A garden can represent the cosmos and how each and