Cam Danielson

My most profound experience in 2011

In a year of wide swings between highs and lows, there is much I am grateful for even as I am eager for a little less turbulence.  Two examples may suffice.  My father died in September after a short illness.  That follows my mother’s death two days after Christmas in 2010.  How people you have grown up with and learned about yourself and others prepare to die is filled with lessons.  I saw both of them in new light.  My mother was an old crone who held court with the women nurses at the hospital.  I never knew her that way in a family of all men, but she was at her best with other women.  She was observant, caring, and funny, all at the same time.  It was good to know her in that way.

My father was a little boy hiding in an old goat’s persona.  He was mischievous in a charming way when he felt good, but most often he despised getting old and frail.   He was a liar who would say what he felt was expedient to get his needs met.  He had a great spirit in a not so gentle nature that left him more anxious than authentic.  From my mother I deepened my appreciation for the life force that runs through us.  From my father I have gained a new perspective on my own myth.  From both of them I learned to tell a different story about who I am and where I come from.

What I want to bring to the world in 2012

 Space for experiencing “the greatness that lies behind us.”

I hope that together we can…

…imagine more than we expected.

A favorite article

Solitude and leadership

My favorite community

The Monroe Institute (TMI)

A glimpse of an art form that I enjoy

Travel photography.  On a trip to the Lake District I took the picture below while hiking in the hills near Grasmere, England (birthplace and burial site of William Wordsworth).